Prague – a district where you can still here and there feel the prewar climate of Warsaw. After the war, somewhat was neglected and held in disrepute, today catching on popularity – number of its inhabitants constantly increases, in old factories and tenement houses art galleries and art studios are born.Also here, where Okrzei street coincides with Targowa street, you can find a Tattoo Gallery by Warsaw Tattoo Convention.

Its formation states a result of many years of cooperation between Azazel Milanówek and Juniorink The Worst Studio in the City team, organizers that in 2013 brought to life Warsaw Tattoo Convention, from which the studio borrowed its name.

In order to extend the life of the event, which lasts for one weekend, they have decided to create a place working throughout the year, which will host artists from around the world

Shortly before the next edition – the Oberon 3D Warsaw Tattoo Convention  we invite you very warmly to the South American guest spot. The studio will host guests from Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Very soon we will provide more information, for which we invite you to the official profile of the studio.